The Little Seed of Calling

by thesongonherlips

I want to believe that God placed this desire in my heart like a Gardener planting a little seed full of love and hope for the little seed’s future growth. If I look at the status quo, it dictates that apart from the natural elements and my Gardener, it has no visible chances of growing. But that is if I live by sight. I choose to believe in the elements around me. These elements are the circumstances and things that would equip me of the things I need.

Water to shower me with knowledge and experiences I have to arm myself with.

Sunlight to help me process the knowledge and experiences I’ve encountered into spiritual food.

Soil as the church that would help me keep firmly grounded in faith.

Then I have my Gardener. My Gardener is the God who watches over me and makes sure I have all that I need. My Gardener cultivates me. He nurtures me with Fertilizer to make my growth faster and healthier. This fertilizer can take the form of godly friends, surprising incidents, or just about anything He thinks as good. My Gardener sees the potential in this little seed of desire. He visions growth and strength and a fruitful future. He also visions the future seeds from the future fruits of the little seed. These future seeds He’s also going to plant in the hearts of other people that would get hold of the future fruits of the little seed. That is how my Gardener sees the future of the little seed.

This little seed SHALL grow to bear much fruit.