“I don’t claim to know everything.”

by thesongonherlips

I had a dream last night. It was so realistic I thought it was really happening. In my dream, a girl from my high school approached me. A chat commenced between us. Then she quoted a certain verse from the book of Isaiah, asking me to supply the next verse. I told her, “I don’t claim to know everything.” The conversation made me feel challenged and I detected a certain streak of religious arrogance in her. But it’s just a dream, so why attach that behavior to her real personality. I told myself I should just keep the message of the dream instead.

It’s really true. I don’t claim to know everything and I doubt if I will ever know everything. That is impossible. It totally reminded me to cling on to God’s wisdom and grace in every thing I do. I don’t know everything. Sometimes I am deceived to know about something, but it turns out I’m still ignorant. Just yesterday, I was wondering why I was experiencing bouts of confusion in a certain area in my life. Situations have swayed my thoughts and emotions. My standards were tested. I see no purpose for the moment. But later on, during the night, I realized he was teaching me to be a discerning lady. He brought two situations of parallelism; he wants me to discern both situations and pick one which truly represents His wisdom.

God really has wisdom and plans our human understanding cannot comprehend at all times. But from what I experienced last night, if I just try to cling on to Him and disregard my own wisdom, He will unfold before my eyes the beauty of His wisdom.