by thesongonherlips

This was a rather unprepared move of putting up a real blog again. Although for the past several days the idea of writing has already tapped me on the shoulder because of the recent events that caused me to feel emotionally drained. A friend suggested that I engage in a simple outlet where I can vent out my pent-up emotions. I thought of maintaining a blog again. But for the past 9 years of my life, I have this bad habit of starting a blog, writing for months, then stopping. The oldest blog I’ve ever had lasted for about 2 years but then I killed it when a certain chapter of my life has ended.  The act was out of cowardice. Then I created another one (still existing by the way) which contains short paragraphs, a poem, and sometimes short sentences of struggling attempts on literature.

Why I started this particular one is because of urges and signs I finally considered worthy of giving in to. Maybe this time around I’d be able to express myself with clarity and prudence. Maybe I won’t unnecessarily hold myself back. Maybe I’ll write something more profound.

I have high hopes this time. I shall try. But one thing is for certain. This time around I shall write to share what I really think about certain things.

I hope this would help me become a better person in its own way.